PLUSQO AI Trader's Stats(Last Updated: 8:00 UTC, 11 Sep. 2020)

We are waiting for a right opportunity to take a position.

  • Bitcoin Mid-Term Trend : Bullish (10-30 Days)
  • Bitcoin Long-Term Trend : Bullish (1-3 Years)
  • Yesterday's Trading Profit : -
  • Total Trading Profit : -4.4100 BTC
  • Original assets under custody : 121.8884BTC
  • Trading assets under management : 117.47844BTC
  • Total Increase Number of Bitcoins:   (Include 3 OEM supply)
  • Total Funds Under Management :   (Include 3 OEM supply)

Trading Assets Transition (BTC)

Blue: Original assets under custody
Red: Trading assets under management

Compared to Buy and Hold (USD)

Compared chart “Just Buy and Hold” to “Operated by Xbit” for 1BTC. The purple line shows the asset transition operated by Xbit in USD.

Asset Transition of Open Account

Started at 9th June 2020 from 1 BTC.